Why 2b2t is FREAKING OUT (Hause Strikes Back)

Datum objavljivanja: 22. Srp 2019.
Hause's latest patch notes have the entire server freaking out.
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  • If you guys want to discuss these events with me further, I'm live on Twitch. www.twitch.tv/realfitmc

    • H A U S E

    • About the r/2B2T subreddit, I saw a HRdown video about new people getting banned from it for something that they had nothing to do with. If I wanted to go to that post, what are the steps to take to not become that kind of target for the admins on this subreddit? I would like have the experience that all the other people on there are getting. The reason I haven't tooken that chance is because of that risk, and I don't want to become that target, how do I gain their trust without making any mistakes? I really want to be lucky enough to get the experience that the other people on there are getting, please help me with that trip.

    • no you're not

    • FitMC your hausemaster

    • Well you are a liar after all, no rules anarchi pff. You and 2B2T are no better then any other server.

  • why the hell is there anticheat even though cheating isn't against the "rules"

  • diamond is not unbreakable

  • You spelled house wrong… To "hause"

  • Omg the RaymanM music

  • For anyone wondering what the background music is in the beginning of the video is, it's Raymans theme from Rayman Arena, probably one of the best games in my opinion

  • Is unbreakable armor actually unbreakable or just 32k enchant?

  • *you can not fast travel when hausemaster is nearby*

  • new drinking game. do a shot every time fit says "Oldest anarchy server in minecraft"

  • Fitmc then: entity speed patched now where gonna go vary slow again, this is rough Fitmc now: people are complaining about elytra being patched!?, Horse ride is fine i was born without elytra

  • 500 HOURS! anyway

  • Eh, hause is kindof annoying

  • 2b2t looks so cool and makes me want to give it a try, but then again, I enjoy having a life

  • Holy snod, there was a 2. Server for queue? I would love to play some regime waiting to join a different server.

  • Fit's a Florida man

  • Only FitMC can make a server admin sound like a god.

  • Guess what fit: some of us don't want to buy hacks, and don't USE entity speed.

  • **********

  • Imagine hause is fitmc

  • This is the best comment i have ever posted, even with 0 likes, because this is the *only* comment i have posted lmao

  • The emperor strikes back

  • I guess Fit can’t say the oldest ‘anarchy’ server in Minecraft. It really isn’t a anarchy server anymore.

  • Wait was this FuzeIII ?

  • You don’t have any vids idk why


  • What kind of supercomputer does hause have to have this server running.

  • Othet people: its going so slow Minecraft pros : packd ice + bote = 100 milles per houer

  • You could use the Soul speed Exploit, which hasn’t been patched yet

  • juust do what blizzard did, portals!

  • **Entity speed being patched** Me who dont use cheats: whats the big deal

  • XD

  • 1 Year since ENTITY SPEED was removed.

  • Can we point out he put Wojak in the thumbnail way before it became a meme

  • Gggggggggvgvvvggvvvvvvvvv

  • The issue with anarchy is that it means no rule for anyone including the owner

  • OMA 81 people’s are trying to get in. Now: you are in position 539

  • If we got a major game version update moving all the way to the nether update the content from 2b would be crazzzy

  • Poor people having to walk 500 hours to would border lol

    • elytras are still enabled today and elytra hacks are very fast, comparable to entity speed when it was around.

  • Fit: entity speed is patched we can't move that quickly Me: haha boat on ice go vrooooom (i'm not sure if boats are banned i don't play on 2b2t)

  • *literally 99% wont see this but if you do, God bless you, stay safe and have wonderful day read my name btw 💞*